by Helene Nymann

This publication explores the interplay between perception and memory as they are challenged through todays technologies and digital media. The different texts look at both the neurological functions of the brain in relation to the formation of explicit (declarative) and spatial memory, to ancient memory techniques where the imagination and intellect help shape to not only our biographical memories but also our vision of the future. Different contributors have been invited to share their take on these topics and as such expand and explore the themes of the exhibition from each their own individual strand of research.

The publication Ars Memoria contains reproductions of the artworks produced by Helene Nymann, as well as contributions by;

Iben Bach Elmstrøm (Dk) Curator
Joachim Koester (DK) Visual artist, professor in Art
Mette Moestrup (DK) Writer, poet
Diana Ø. Tørsløv Møller (DK) Psychologist, cultural theorist
Lauren Silbert (NYC) Neuroscientist, educator

Graphic design by Ida Elisabeth Jensen
Edited by Christopher Sand Iversen and Hugo Hopping

Available through;
Really Simple Syndication – here
Thiemers Magasin – here
MOTO, Berlin – here.
Malmø Kunsthal – here 

Published by Really Simple Syndication, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017
1st edition of 150 copies. // 2nd edition on its way – to be published Summer 2019