H E L E N E   N Y M A N N   a k a
I  M A

Helene Nymann (born 1982, Dyssegård, Denmark) lives and works between Copenhagen, Denmark and New York, USA. Currently an artistic research fellow at the Interacting Minds Centre, Department of Anthropology, University of Aarhus, Denmark. In 2018 Helene Nymann is the recipient of the Novo Nordisk Mads Øvlisen grant with Extraordinary Potential in Artistic Practice for her project “Memories of Sustainable Futures: Remembering in the Digital Age”.  In her work Nymann focus on the notion of embodied knowledge, contextual and experimental forms of receiving and transmitting ideas. Looking at alternative ways of remembering a more sustainable future. Nymann has exhibited amongst others at New Museum (NYC), Fridman Gallery (NYC), Kunsthal Aarhus (DK), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), MACRO, Museo D’arte Contemporanea (IT).

2018 –  PhD research Fellow, Interacting Minds Centre, Department of Anthropology University of Aarhus, Denmark. Supported by Novo Nordisk, Awarded Mads Øvlisen grant for Artistic Research with Extraordinary Potential. In collaboration with Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark
2012-2014 Malmø Art Academy, Postgraduate Diploma MFA Fine Art, Sweden
2007-2010 Goldsmiths, University of London, Honours BA Fine Art Practice, England
2006-2007 Central Saint Martins, University of London, Performance design, England

2023 Yet it Moves, Bikubens Vision Price, Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark  
2023 Yet it Moves, residency between Interactingminds Centre (DK) & ModLab U.C Davis (US)
2023 A Body of Memory (from neurons to the sea) Kunsthall Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway 

2022 Knots of Ecphore, Overgaden, Copenhagen, Denmark
2019 Ars Memoria – Memes for Imagination, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark
2019  Helene Nymann: Screen-Series, lower floor, New Museum, New York, USA
ARS MEMORIA – Memes for ImaginationThe Round Tower, Copenhagen, Denmark
 INSCRIBED Oh Locus Locus, Fridman Gallery NYC, USA
  INSCRIBED Oh Locus Locus, Le-sous-commun, Berlin, Germany

2015 Behind the picture, it was, Galleri H.C Ørstedsvej 69. Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 Balcony, Lund’s Konsthall in collaboration with Gallery Pictura, Sweden
2013 Mother Mind, Skissarnas Museum in collaboration with Gallery Pictura, Lund, Sweden

AabenraaOrgan, Jomfru Fannys Gang, Aabenraa Kommune, curated by Creator Projects, 2022

2022 Metamorfoser, gruppeudstilling, Sophienholm, Denmark
2022 Museum of the Future, group-exhibition, Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark
2022 Pieces of Copenhagen, group exhibition, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark
2022 FORTHCOMING III, group-show, SPACE52, Athens, Greece
2022 Museum of the Future, group-exhibition, Teatre Sort/Hvid, Copenhagen, Denmark
2022 Islands of Predictability, group-show, Museum of Modern Shopping, Romford Shopping Hall, London, England2020
Extensions Vol.II, Radar Contemporary, Kunsthal Charlottenborg Cinema, group-show, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Mythologies – the Beginning and End of Civilizations, A R o S, group-show, Aarhus, Denmark
Extensions Vol.I, Radar Contemporary, Classensgade 7D, Copenhagen, Denmark 
Astrid Holm & Co, group-show, Rønnebæksholm, Næstved, Denmark
ISCP, group-shoow at open-studios, New York, USA 
Endless Present, curated by Irene Campolini, ENTER Art Fair, CPH, DK

SELVA OF SELVES (S.O.S) Performance with professor Andreas Roepstorff (DK) & professor Joe Dumit (US), COPENHAGEN CONTEMPORAY, CPH, DK
Seoul International New Media Festival, Seoul, South Korea
TATE EXCHANGE, Moving Humans, screening,  Tate Modern, London, England
TALE OF AN OCEAN, group-show, La Mar de Músicas, Cartagena, Spain
Experimental Anthropology, screening, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Centro Cultural Recoleta, group show, Buenos Aires, Argentina
CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
FOKUS Video-Art-Festival, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark 
I AM OUR COMMON PRONOUN, curated by Helga Christoffersen, SALTS, Group-show, Basel, Switzerland
Erratic Transitions, Molekyl Gallery, Group-show, curator Maria Norrman, Malmø, Sweden
She’s a Show, group-show, Den Sorte Hest, Cph, Denmark
CHART EMERGING; I AM OUR COMMON PRONOUN, curator Helga Christoffersen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Map is not the Territory, Pfizer Building, Group-show, New York, USA

Pioneer Works, Village Fête, Group-show, New York, USA
Stamp, project by David Horvitz (US) at Printed Matter, New York, USA
Pioneer Works, Second Sunday, Group-show,  NYC, USA

Cinema COBRA at Honey’s in collaboration with Lily Benson, New York, USA
ABOUT:BLANK, Group show, MACRO, Museo D´arte Contemporanea, Rome, Italy

Pioneer Works, Group show, Second Sunday,  NYC, USA
Save Malmø Art Academy, Screening, Malmø Art Academy, Malmø, Sweden
Mørke Dage Post-Event,  Screening, Whether We Are, Slagtehal 3, Århus, Denmark 
INSCRIBED, Oh Locus, Locus, Solo-show, Le-sous-common, Berlin, Germany
Seven Deadly Sins, Vol 3, Envy, with Japanese pianist Eriko MakimuraUhara hall, Kobe, Japan
The Hot Show, Group Show, 
Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, Denmark
Video Nicht Klub, International selection of artists by Brussels Arts Department, Bruxelles, Belgium
Spectrum Berlin, The Weird Place Between Life & Death, Screening, Berlin, Germany 

Mørke Dage, Under Overfladen, Group-Show, Ålborg, Denmark
Nucleus,  Alt_Cph, Group-Show, The Factory of Art & Design, Copenhagen, Denmark
In Utero, Sejrø Festival, Group Show, Copenhagen, Denmark
Les Soirées, MACA – Maison d´art Contemporain Athenes, Group Show, Athens, Greece
Behind the picture, it was, Solo-show, Galleri H.C Ørstedsvej 69. Copenhagen, Denmark
We Take No Responsibility, Udstillingsstedet Q, Copenhagen, Denmark
Balcony,  MACA – Maison d´art Contemporain Athenes, Athens, Greece 
Balcony, Lund’s Konsthall in collaboration with Gallery Pictura, Sweden
Hell Flower,  Gallery KHM, MFA Exhibition Malmø. Sweden
Head On My Dear, Year Exhibition Malmø Art Academy, Malmø, Sweden
Moving Matters, Year Exhibition, Malmø Art Academy Annual Exhibition, Sweden
Sound-Scapes, Group show, InKonst, Malmø Sweden
One+One+One+..,  Project funded by the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute DEDI. A collaboration with Ahmed Nagy (EG), Andreas Fuhrer (Dk), Erin Taylor Kennedy (US), Huda Lufti (EG), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK/Ber), Lillibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK), Sara Emilie Anker Møller (Dk) Sherif El-Azma (EG).
Some Afternoon Or Among Them,  Collaboration with Diana Tørsløv Møller (Dk),  Marie Fisker (Dk), Dorit Chrysler (US). Project funded by the Danish Film Institute DFI, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nomi Song, DNA Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Merging Grounds,  Den Fri Udstillings Bygning, Copenhagen, Denmark
Total Fucking Death Experience,  (TFDE) Theatre Giljotin, collaboration with Palle Lindqvist (SV), Stockholm, Sweden
Mother Mind, KPH Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Return To Centre,  Lincoln Centre – David Rubinstein Atrium, New York, USA
Sweet delights and Endless Nights, Performance Palle Lindqvist, Gallery Great Eastern Street, London, United Kingdom
Dolmen,  Screening with Q&A, Husets Theater Biograf, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mother Mind, Bachelor Exhibition, Goldsmiths University, London, United Kingdom
2012- Some Afternoon Or Among Them,  Video music/Music video project with Diana Tørsløv Møller (Dk).  Music by Marie Fisker (Dk) and Dorit Chrysler (US). Project funded by The Danish Film Institute – DFI, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 One+One+One+  A collaboration with Ahmed Nagy (EG), Andreas Fuhrer (Dk), Erin Taylor Kennedy (US), Huda Lufti (EG), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK/Ber), Lillibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK), Sara Emilie Anker Møller (Dk) Sherif El-Azma (EG).
 Project funded by DEDI – The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute.
2010 The Total Fucking Death Experience (TFDE),  Performance-collaboration with visual artist Palle Lindqvist (Sv) between London, Denmark and Sweden.
Traumbank,  Artist-run platform organizing talks, screenings and exhibitions. Founded by Line Kallmayer in London, United Kingdom

Nymann, Helene (2017) (ed. Christoffer Iversen) Techniques Art of Memory; Ars Memoria, Really Simple Syndication, Press.
Nymann, Helene and Joachim Koester (2017) (ed. Christoffer Iversen) In Conversation, Ars Memoria, Really Simple Syndication Press.
Nymann, Helene (2017) 3PICKS – Warburg, Freud and Houghton: Kopenhagen Art Institute.
Nymann, Helene (2013-2014) (ed. Gertrud Sandqvist) Runaway Girl, Malmø Art Academy Year Book, Lund University.
Nymann, Helene (2014) (ed. Lars Rasmussen) Typewriter Scrolls, Annual Publication, The Booktrader. Booktrader Press.
Nymann, Helene (2013) (ed. Lars Rasmussen) Images of Us, Annual Publication, The Booktrader. Booktrader Press.
Nymann, Helene (2013) (ed. Angelica Falkeling) Hell-Flower, Att Overleva, Att Segra Publications.

Artist talk in conversation with Ida Schyum as part of Radar Contemporary Vol II, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Artist talk at ArTeC, Ecole Universitaire de Recherche, Paris, France 
Artist talk in conversation with Ida Schyum and Kristoffer Ørum, online as part of Radar Contemporary Vol I

ISCP, artist-talk, NYC, USA
Memory in the Anthropocene, Round-Table-discussion, Memory Studies Association (MSA), 25th-28th June, Madrid, Spain

Memory and Arts, Film-screening-program, Memory Studies Association (MSA), 25th-28th June, Madrid, Spain 
Memories of the Future International Conference, talk, School of Advanced Studies, University of London, England 
Without Computer – Anthropocene and Digital Imaginaries, talk, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France

Novo Nordisk – Mads Øvlisen Fond (Denmark),
Ecologies of Memory, University of Leuven – Mnemonic Summer School (Brussels)

Goethe University Mnemonics The social life of memory (Germany),
Artist talk and publication, Rundetaarn (Denmark),
Artist talk in conversation with curator Helga Christoffersen, Fridman Gallery (USA),

Artist talk, Pioneer Works, NYC (USA),
Artist talk,  Academia Di Danimarca/Det Danske Institut  (Italy),
San Cataldo (Italy),
Artist talk, Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholts Artschool (Denmark)
Artist talk, Malmø Art Academy (Sweden)

 Teaching, Movement & Memory, ArTeC, Ecole Universitaire de Recherche, Paris, France 
Remembering anf Forgetting in the Digital Age, teaching, School of Visual Arts NYC, USA 
2019 Remembering in the Digital Age, teaching, Pioneer Works, NYC, USA
 Børnekulturhus Amager, Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 Hirsprungske Collection, Copenhagen, Denmark,
2017 Art Of Memory  at Pioneer Works, NYC, USA,
2016 Museum Of Art In Public Spaces, KØS, Copenhagen, Denmark,
2016 Kvarterhuset, Video workshop, Amager, Denmark,
2015 Jury 60Seconds ShortFilm Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 ISCP – International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), funded by the Danish Arts Couoncil, New York, USA
Centro Selva Arte Y Ciencia, Campo Verde, Pucallpa, Peru
NARS Foundation, Residency, New York, USA 
Statens Kunstfond, Kund Højgaards Fond,
2016 – 2017 
Pioneer Works, Studio Residency Program, New York, USA
Academia Di Danimarca/Det Danske Institut i Rom, Rom, Italy
2016 MACA – Maison d´art Contemporain Athenes, Residency, Greece
2016 Arteles, Silence Awareness Existence Residency Program, Finland
2015 San Cataldo Institute, Residency, Scala, Italy  
2014 DIA – Residency, The Danish Institute in Athens, Greece
2013 Lund University residency appartment, Amsterdam, NL
2012 DFI – Grant, The Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
2012 DEDI – Grant,  Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute, Cairo, Egypt

Ode to Creode (work in progress)
2019 SELVA OF SELVES S.O.S  [05:00 min loop with sound]  
2017 MOL, 16:9 hd video installation [11:22 min loop with sound]
2017 Whether We Are, 16:9 hd video Installation  [10:56 min loop with sound]
2016 Memoria and Other Aftermaths, 16:9 hd video Installation  [2:45 min loop]

2015  Metamorphic Rocks, I’m No Longer Afraid,  16:9 hd video Installation  [04:16 min loop with sound]
2014  Liberation Of Squares, 16:9 hd video Installation, 2 x channel projection [10:39 min loop with sound]
2014  Chair, 16:9 hd video Installation  [2:07 min loop]
2014  Balcony, 16:9 hd video Installation [1:27 min loop with sound]
2014  Head On My Dear 16:9 hd video Installation  [2:03 min loop with sound]
2013  Moving Matters 16:9 hd video Installation, 3 x video-screen [7:02 min loop with sound]
2011  Return To Centre 16:9 hd video Installation [7:11min loop]
2010 Mother Mind 16:9 hd video Installation [15:23 min loop]
2010 White in White 16:9 hd video Installation [5:11min]
2009 Everyday I got the Blues 16:9 hd video [4:50 min]

2009 So Many Buttons And No One To Touch, 16:9 hd video [5:09 min]
2008 Dolmen 16:9 hd video [12:43 min] 

A mother of twins
Part of CPH:LAB at CPH:DOX with the project SELVA OF SELVES (S.O.S)
Co-founder of Cinema C.O.B.R.A – in collaboration with visual artist Lily Benson (US).

2015- Member of UKK,  Union for Young Artists, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011-2012 Film Editor at DFI / The Danish Film Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010-2011 Assistant to Jesper Just, New York, United States of America
2009- Member of GODS BATHROOM, poetry-collective founded in London, United Kingdom

2008- Member of TRAUMBANK, artist-run platform, founded in London, United Kingdom